Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home again, Cough, Cough!!

Hello Everyone, I am back home again we had a wonderful time in Arizona, it was super nice weather wise, and everyone is so friendly. Then on the way home on Thursday I wasn't feeling that great, well Friday I had a full blown cold, coughing, achy, icky gross. So for the last few days, I been in bed, couch or on the lazy boy ugh! Oh what a joy. I am sure I will start to feel better soon. Anyway, I am glad to be home, and it was an awesome vacation. Hope you all got in some much crafting while I was away, and I can't wait to go and scope it out soon. But I think I am going to go make some tea, and grab my blanket and snuggle up on the lazy boy. Enjoy your day!

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