Saturday, February 5, 2011

2011 Stylish Blogger Award

WAHOOOOOOOOO they like me, that is so cool, thanks...wahooo!!

Thank you so much to Crystal at Creations By Crystal, you are so kind! Way to go!

My Duties to fulfill this role I was required to do the following:
  1. Thank the person/persons that shared this award with me and link it back to their blog/blogs.
  2. Share eight things about myself. (might be hard)
  3. Pass this award onto eight other bloggers that I have recently discovered.
  4. Leave a comment so they can pass along the recognition!

Eight Things you never knew about me:

  1. I hate when my hands feels dry and cracked.
  2. I don't like when the toilet paper roll is on backwards.
  3. I like my utensils straight and organized in my drawer.
  4. I stopped liking crocheting cross stitch when my eyes started to change. (age tells me this)
  5. I love the smell of the spring rain.
  6. I love my office/craft room, I spend more time in it, then anywhere else.
  7. I like Organizing my stuff, house/office/craft room/bedroom. Like storage containers.
  8. Besides my crafty and organizing self, I work for a bank.

Time to share all this with you!

  1. Lori -
  2. Tamie -
  3. Melissa -
  4. Dawn -
  5. Joycelyn-
  6. Wendi -
  7. Julie -
  8. Becci -


  1. Thank you so much Leanne for making my day! Your award means a lot to me! congrat's on your award too!