Sunday, February 21, 2016

Water Color Paper Background Tutorial

Thanks friends for stopping to see my tutorial I am doing for One Crazy Stamper.  So here we go. Water Color Paper Background Tutorial
I used Distress Ink, Water, Water Color Paper, Versafine Ink, Stamps, Non-Stick Craft Mat, Water Pen/Brush.
I took my small ink squares and wiped them across my craft mat in a random order, and then spritz water over top of the ink.
Took my Water Color Paper and smooshed it into the ink, and carefully lifted off and let it dry.
In this second one I did it the same, however I used my water pen/brush before it dried and swiped over the ink random like to make more color on the bottom.
The first one I added some grass, flower, and bird stamps, along with a sentiment, tried to keep it clean and simple so you can see the back ground better.
This last card, I added a bit more stamps, but you can still see the how the ink soaked into the paper and makes a unique background.  I hope you liked my tutorial and I hope can try making your own backgrounds, water, ink, water color paper.  Happy Crafting.


  1. Oh my goodness girl...this is awesome :) I can totally do this!!! Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial girl!

  2. Thanks friend! It was fun, and pretty simple to make, and looks great!